About Concordia

Experience and Credibility through 30 Years of OD and Training

Concordia is a privately owned Hungarian company employing 20 people. We have been working with market leading domestic and international corporations since 1984.

We are one of the leading suppliers in the fields of Organisational Development, Change Management and Culture Change.

Our Mission:

We aim to enable our partners to turn their organisations into a more efficient, financially more successful, yet more personal place to work and live in, and to achieve this change by developing and actively involving all stakeholders, both individuals and groups.

We believe that there needs to be a long term equilibrium among the interests of organisations, their employees and their clients. We seek to promote a harmonic co-development of individuals, groups and the organisation along a shared set of values.

We focus on creating value and therefore make sure our programs have objectively measurable results.

With a combined work experience of over several hundred years our colleagues embody a vast pool of knowledge that is the foundation and indeed the living proof of the highest quality services and lasting, successful organisational change we offer.

What we offer to our clients:

  • We successfully promote the implementation of culture change necessary when an organisation transfers from a monopolistic position into a competitive market environment, or when a performance change of significant proportions is needed. Our programs of executive development, social skills and attitude development, as well as individual or team coaching make a successful and convincing contribution to these processes, serving the interest of both the organisation and the individuals within.
  • Our skills development programs leave a lasting impression in participants.
  • Our operative efficiency development and process development programs (a combination of lean management and organisational development) yield exceptionally powerful savings and a vast improvement in productivity development, provided either alongside or integrated into OD.
  • Our successful regional projects have proven that we can reach over national boundaries to provide effective OD support to international projects or acquisitions.

In conclusion we offer the potential of planned development and secure change management to our clients.

What we are proud of:

  • The majority of Hungarian OD consultants received their professional training with us. We have nurtured generations of OD professionals and we continue to do so.
  • We play a pivotal role in the development of domestic and international professional life, including the publication of professional literature, giving lectures at international conferences, or organising a professional world summit (ODWS 2010).
  • Our own books, published in conjunction with well known financial weekly HVG and used as foundations for various proprietary programs, including :

Imre Lövey– Manohar S. Nadkarni: The Joyful Organisation (HVG, 2003)

Jeffrey K. Liker: The Toyota Way – 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer (HVG, 2008)

Patrick Lencioni: You need a team: five things preventing successful cooperation (HVG, 2009)

Glenn Parker – Robert Hoffman: Meeting Excellence (HVG, 2011)

  • We regularly organise forum meetings where we share our results and know-how with our clients (HVG workshops, HR forums)
  • Our in-house developments have achieved wide acclaim both within Hungary and abroad. Among them the book and model „Joyful Organisation” which contains a proprietary questionnaire, the summaries of over 50 organisations, and a professional content applicable internationally , regardless of the immediate cultural environment.
  • We provide highly unique coaching services built on our training experience and incorporating various methods.
  • We have extensive and unsurpassed experience in creating organisations that can work successfully through Self-Directed Work Teams.

We are actively involved in the Hungarian Organization Development Society (www.szmt.hu) and are members of the Training Round Table (www.treningkerekasztal.hu). We subscribe to and fully abide by the ethical codices of these organisations


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"Our cooperation with Concordia commenced in 2013. We launched a three-stage training program for our sales organisers, comprising of team building / team management, individual development and efficient meeting management. The experts and trainers from Concordia displayed profound and substantial professionalism in the course of preparing the programs and administering the initial trainings. Our cooperation also included the training of our own in-house trainer partners. This was undertaken by Bea Busch, Tamás Szilágyi and Balázs Kosztra who proved to be exceedingly supportive, flexible and helpful. I can highly recommend Concordia to anyone looking for both practical solutions that can be readily deployed and solid theoretical foundations with reliable empirical backing."

Bálint Mezőffy

Training consultant, trainer

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