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Gamification in Skills Development

The Concordia staff has participated at a gamification workshop hosted by Analogy Zrt.

The program offered an experiential gamification process to show the scope of possibilities the genre of gamification has to offer within organisational and skills development.


Professional acknowledgment

Concordia reports about the news that are very important, uplifting and inspiring for our professional community, that our late colleauge, former managing director of Concordia, Dr. Lövey Imre received posthumus awards from two renowned institutions at the same time in Portland, on the second OD World Summit in October of 2015.


OD consultant training

In order to effectively manage the changes that continually occur within the life of any organization, managements need expert partners, both external and internal. What is more, they also have to acquire the related competencies themselves. Our program aims to contribute to the developments of skills that are pivotal in successfully implementing organizational changes, utilising […]


Building a sundial; skills development

You and your team will partake in an exciting adventure. We trace letter fragments written in an archaic language; and it looks like the text is an instruction for building a sundial. Except this sundial works without the sun, and does not tell the time at all. So what does it do, then? You will never know unless your team can solve the various tasks. But remember: building the sun-less sundial will only get you one step closer to the final solution.


SSC Lean training

Are you working in the financial sector, in a shared service and would like to take your part in process improvement efforts? You agree that knowing process improvement will help you better progress in your career?

Join our 3×2 days SSC Lean training, so you can deliver some successful Lean projects! The training is for specialists or project managers who has got some previous experience in either PI or project management, but would like to refresh/reinforce their skills.


The training market gains further momentum

Corporations reacted to the crisis by curtailing the resources earmarked for the training of employees and management. This trend was reversed in 2012, and in 2014 both the number of training events and training expenditures were on the rise again. Part of this increase was brought about by the availability of EU funds for the enhancement of human capital in recent years.


Knowledge transform to the next generation

Spreading Organisaton and Leadership development as a profession in Hungary has always played an importanant role in Concordia’s life. In order to this we took an active part in bringing to life the Hungarian OD Society and besides many other trainings we held numerous OD consultant trainings.


Lean Leader Training

Only one out of five lean deployment processes yield sustainable success. Become one of the successful few! Building on its extensive experience in organisational and leadership development, Concordia is offering you a training session that will give you multi-purpose, full scale knowledge and enable you to manage lean transformation as a culture change process, or […]


Concordia received Silver Medal at Constantinus International Award

The Constantinus International Award ceremony was held in September 2014, in Seoul, at the international ICMCI (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes) conference, where we had the honour of receiving a Silver Medal for the MOL – Concordia joint project. The comprehensive culture change process carried out at the Hungarian refineries of the oil and […]


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"As a pharmaceutical company, health is our main focus and concern every minute of the day. With that in mind, we also wanted to do something for the health of our company. It was through a corporate health check that we were acquainted with Concordia. The best way to improve your own health is to know your organisation, and Concordia has proven to be an indispensable help in learning about ourselves and in discovering the areas where intervention was necessary to maintain or restore health. Such a process could never be completed without proper skills and an innate sense of empathy. Concordia has both. Egis is now a healthy company, thanks to you!"

Dr. Katalin Szemerédi

Director of Human Resources

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