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Autonomous work groups

It is in the best interest of corporations to have employees work in teams that embrace taking responsibility, that develop a good atmosphere, and work along shared values, towards shared objectives. Successful companies build upon the experience and knowledge of their co-workers and actively maintain and develop these values. They create organisational structures and cultures which enables these people to better exploit their capabilities and talents; to regularly contribute ideas and initiatives aiming to enhance quality, to reduce costs and to improve efficiency.


Changing the Corporate Culture

CORPORATE CULTURE is a collective term for the various characteristics of an organisation which create a specific environment within that organisation. There are various aspects of organisational culture from how people treat each other, or what values and processes they work along, to what motivational tools they use, how they use power, and so forth.


Coaching (individual, team and group)

Coaching is a goal and result oriented process whereby clients assume new cognitive and behavioural schemes allowing them to achieve their corporate and personal objectives more effectively while they also undergo change, learning and development. Like our master often used to say, our role is to provide clients with as many exercisable choices as possible.


Cooperation Development


All products or services are created through an interlinked production process. The more complex a product is, the more complex the process will be. Also, this production chain is now considered in its extended form to include everything from raw material procurement to customer relations. Whether or not a production process is successful – i.e. the product is created in an economical, swift and smooth manner – will be determined by the technology applied, the level of technical development, and the degree of regulation. However, all of this is operated by humans, and it is the connections, communication and coordination among these persons that can assist or hinder the achievement of the goals that have been set. The quality of their cooperation is therefore of utmost importance.


Creating a Corporate Vision

Vision is more than a dream, more than a collection of wishes. Corporations who value the importance of vision have a potential to gain a significant competitive advantage over others.


Culture Change and Process Development

Recently many people have shared the belief that there is a correlation between organisational culture and business successes. However, not everyone can carry out the development of organisational culture or processes while also impacting the development of the other side in a positive way. Concordia can make sure that organisational culture and processes are developed not only simultaneously, but also in a closely synergic way, mutually enhancing each other.


Healthy Organisation

Healthy and joyful organisation

An organisation operates in a healthy way when people work dynamically, all energies point towards the same goals, efforts enhance each other, and people have a chance to fulfil their potentials. A healthy organisation can simultaneously satisfy the needs of its clients and its employees, as well as the economic needs of the organisation itself. It is also in harmony with its environment and is continuously growing and developing.


Increasing Energies at the work place – motivational ‘language class’

How to motivate: this is one of the fundamental questions for any leader. Without proper financing many will feel resourceless.


Leadership Development

The underlying idea behind our management development programs is that management is in fact the achieving of aims through others within an organization where the needs for organizational efficiency and for a humanistic workplace are in harmony. For nowadays’ leaders the biggest challenge is to acquire leadership as a profession.


Lean Deployment (lean + organizational development)

Lean management (in other words Toyota production system or TPS) by today became the most successful productivity enhancement – waste elimination system of manufacturing companies. Its fundamental theories are the respect for people and the trust that members any organizational level can add value to the company by putting forward improvement proposals.


Lean management

Today most customers expect unique products and immediate services. In order to meet this expectation, we frequently need accelerated response times and greater efficiencies.


Matrix Management Process

The matrix can be a web that captures you, or a network of opportunities that supports the realisation of your plans – it all depends on your approach and competences.


Organisational development, change management


Project management

Internal improvements in a company happen along some project framework, so there is a dedicated team with specific tasks, running the project within the expected timeframe and budget. Hence it is important to have an efficient, well organized and standard project work.


Six Sigma

Six Sigma, or better to say, only 3 defects in a million opportunities. Six Sigma’s target is perfection. The approach includes improvement tools and a project management methodology as well.


Skills Development

In designing and managing our skills and attitude development programs we place emphasis on that the lessons learnt from the training should be readily applicable in real life.


Team Building and Outdoor Programs

Having the right team to work in makes all the difference in the world. It is important for leaders because a good team can tackle any sort of work-related difficulties. And it is equally important for co-workers because they know they will feel better at the end of the day.


The Thomas DiSC system – The right person for the right position

DiSC is an effective tool supporting HR selective processes. Our trained consultant, together with HR, defines the characteristics of the position to be filled and define the competencies an ideal applicant should have. Afterwards, applicants are asked to take an online test. Then our consultant compares the DiSC analysis of the position against the personal profiles. The results of this comparison will identify the person best suited for the position based on his /  her personality and attitude.


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"We started working with Concordia in 2008 when we set out to develop a company-wide leadership training program. They proved to be the perfect partners. They quickly and fully integrated into our everyday life, which gave them a thorough understanding of our needs and allowed for the development and running of a highly efficient and fully tailored program."

János Fáy

Director of Human Resources

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