Autonomous work groups

It is in the best interest of corporations to have employees work in teams that embrace taking responsibility, that develop a good atmosphere, and work along shared values, towards shared objectives. Successful companies build upon the experience and knowledge of their co-workers and actively maintain and develop these values. They create organisational structures and cultures which enables these people to better exploit their capabilities and talents; to regularly contribute ideas and initiatives aiming to enhance quality, to reduce costs and to improve efficiency.

Concordia can assist the creation of such a corporate culture and structure by creating and preparing autonomous work groups, using our proprietary model.

Operations building on autonomous work groups will enhance the competitiveness of corporations because

  • employees make a better use of their talents and capabilities
  • there are more ideas, more initiatives
  • the pyramid is flatter; management is less costly
  • the organisation can respond quicker

The model of creating autonomous work groups


Expected results on various levels of the organisation

  • Important indicators (e.g. quality, down times, production efficiency, cost sensitivity. etc.) show improvement within production
  • A reduction of absenteeism
  • More efficient and faster decision making in production
  • Lower operative costs (especially when combined with lean processes)
  • Synergic cooperation between management support staff  blue collar workers
  • Improvement and development are part of everyday operations
  • Increasing dedication to the company
  • An attitude of “I want” rather than “I have to”
  • More satisfied employees
  • Co-workers with better self-esteem
  • Management is now free to develop, plan and rationalise employees
  • Better work place atmosphere

The steps of creating autonomous working groups


Why Concordia?

Over the years we implemented, trained and developed autonomous work groups, as well as created and reshaped related corporate culture, at some of the most prestigious corporations (Ford, Visteon, Loranger, BorgWarner).


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"Our cooperation with Concordia commenced in 2013. We launched a three-stage training program for our sales organisers, comprising of team building / team management, individual development and efficient meeting management. The experts and trainers from Concordia displayed profound and substantial professionalism in the course of preparing the programs and administering the initial trainings. Our cooperation also included the training of our own in-house trainer partners. This was undertaken by Bea Busch, Tamás Szilágyi and Balázs Kosztra who proved to be exceedingly supportive, flexible and helpful. I can highly recommend Concordia to anyone looking for both practical solutions that can be readily deployed and solid theoretical foundations with reliable empirical backing."

Bálint Mezőffy

Training consultant, trainer

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