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All products or services are created through an interlinked production process. The more complex a product is, the more complex the process will be. Also, this production chain is now considered in its extended form to include everything from raw material procurement to customer relations. Whether or not a production process is successful – i.e. the product is created in an economical, swift and smooth manner – will be determined by the technology applied, the level of technical development, and the degree of regulation. However, all of this is operated by humans, and it is the connections, communication and coordination among these persons that can assist or hinder the achievement of the goals that have been set. The quality of their cooperation is therefore of utmost importance.

About Cooperation Development in Details

PARTIAL OPTIMALISATION is a common, recurring problem plaguing the operation of organisations; this happens when various parts of the organisation lose sight of the organisation as a whole. Research in the field of systems theory has shown that the optimum of a system is cannot be attained through the individual components of that organisation reaching their own partial optimums. In other words, if individual units aim to achieve the best they can do on their own, that will not allow the organisation to perform to its fullest potential.


The signs of defective communication within an organisation

Departments / sections work in separation.együttműködés fejlesztés

  • Cross functional coordination is rare.
  • There is regular conflict and rivalry among departments.
  • Jobs are seldom rotated, departments are not interoperable for colleagues.
  • There is no well-defined common vision shared by all members of the organisation.
  • Colleagues fulfil their duties within their own organisation, and have no overview of how their work connects with that of the others.



The solution Concordia has come up with to resolve the problem is to enhance the cooperation among departments by what we call the


Programs that involve various departments, enhance their cooperation and develop their system approach will result in the further development of the organisation and contribute to more efficient operations.

We can provide assistance on an organisational level to improve risk taking, to create an atmosphere of innovation, to enhance team work and initiatives, and to promote trust and open communication.

How your organisation will profit from the cross functional workshop

  • Teams and departments will mutually listen to each other and have a better understanding of the others’ points of view .
  • Problems relating to multiple fields or departments are unearthed.
  • There is an improved flow of information, a better sharing of experiences and knowledge.
  • There is better communication and mutual trust among teams and departments; members develop a dedication to resolving problems.
  • Ideas are proposed and recommendations made to counter common problems.
  • Recommendations for solutions are converted into actual action plans.
  • Action plans are implemented in a traceable and accountable manner.

Where Concordia can help

Concordia has three decades of experience in organisation development, allowing us to prepare and administer the workshops, as well as to follow up the cementation of results in a professional manner, as outlined below:

  • accurately identifying the specific problem areas,
  • involving stakeholders (organisational departments, areas) in the problem solving process,
  • determining the scope of employees required to participate (all stakeholders should be present at the same place, at same time),
  • planning the workshop and selecting suitable methods (e.g. world café, open space, future search),
  • facilitating the workshop with up to 200 participants,
  • strengthening the leadership attitude and the tool set needed to cement the results.

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"The partnership between Festo-AM and Concordia began in early 2005 when I took part in their executive program ‘Healthy Organization’. The way they put together and ran the training, their philosophy and approach made a lasting impression on me. From then on Concordia have been delivering management skills development and team building trainings for our company.Concordia trainers, with their excellent theoretical expertise and practical experience, have done a lot to ensure that our team meets all challenges in this ever-changing economic environment. I can wholeheartedly recommend them to any corporation that seeks to become successful and remain so in the long term."

Mr. Barnabás Bertalan

General Manager

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