Creating a Corporate Vision

Vision is more than a dream, more than a collection of wishes. Corporations who value the importance of vision have a potential to gain a significant competitive advantage over others.

Vision is more than a dream, more than a collection of wishes. Corporations who value the importance of vision have a potential to gain a significant competitive advantage over others. A detailed and positive vision, initiated by the management but shared throughout the organisation is a tool of strategical importance that provides every employee with a shared goal, that enhances commitment, and provides a framework for actions that improve the productivity of the company.

In order to make sure your vision is directing your management towards taking coordinated steps, making unified moves necessary to achieve change, first you need to define, clearly and definitively, what sort of organisation you would like to become in two-three years’ time.

The purpose of the vision creation workshop is to establish and share an attractive vision, or way of operations, that is formulated by the top management; and to develop dedication towards this jointly created vision. Our experience shows that the main purpose of the vision creation workshop is not just the creation of the vision itself, but rather the process whereby members of the top management learn about each other’s personal views, values and interpretations, and coordinate all of these to jointly establish the future objectives and operative guidelines of the corporation. Creating a detailed and attractive vision that is shared and accepted throughout the organisation is a highly important cohesive force that has a team building effect on top management.


At the same time it is not enough if only the top management can see and understand the goals the organisation is about to pursue in the future. This information should be disseminated to a wider audience among employees who also need to accept the objectives. Ultimately, it will be them turning this corporate vision into actual action. It is important to make the vision an organic, functional element of the organisation, including the improvement of the internal operative efficiencies of various organisational units, in line with the preferred organisational culture outlined in the vision.


The results of the above process are: 

  • The detailed, positive organisational vision, created by top executives, and recognised and approved of by the wider organisation,is created, thereby providing guidance to both the top  management and all other levels of the corporate hierarchy.
  • Teamwork becomes more effective on a management level; tasks and workloads are divided  more efficiently
  • There is enhanced dedication among staff, more people develop a feeling of ownership and will take responsibility for its successful operation.
  • Specific tasks and action plans are created, broken down for individuals within each organisational unit, all of which help the attainment of the desired vision.
  • There is enhanced cooperation among organisational units; mutually supporting and helping each other becomes stronger.
  • Operation becomes more cost efficient, more economical.
  • By filling in the vision survey every year, change becomes measurable as the organisation can gauge the rate at which the vision is being realised.


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"In August 2013 it was officially announced that as of September I would be taking a new assignment in Germany. Looking back at the past six and a half years we have achieved some extraordinary results in the Budapest factory. I am especially proud of the Himalaya project. Supported by Concordia, we have created a new corporate culture and executive training program in order to ensure our further development and to learn how to successfully cooperate within teams, and also with different manufacturing units and central areas. There has been significant progress since the 2011 start of this project, and the results are clearly visible in our everyday work."

Luc Quisthoudt

Factory Director

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