Increasing Energies at the work place – motivational ‘language class’

How to motivate: this is one of the fundamental questions for any leader. Without proper financing many will feel resourceless.

However, corporate experience has shown that it is not financial remuneration that employees tend to miss most.

The philosophy of our program is rooted in the concept and the backing research that positive work place energies are created when we feel we really matter; when we feel we are particularly valuable for the community, and this value is duly recognised. Groups with excellent performance ratings receive five times more positive than negative feedback, whereas poorly performing teams get less than half of that.

The key to retaining valuable work force is appreciation. Setting a good leadership example is vastly important in this respect, but it is not only positive feedback from the management that matters. As co-workers we each have a role and responsibility in creating the right kind of work place atmosphere.

The Concordia program based on the book by Gary Chapman and Paul White* will enable you to learn the five languages and dialects of work place appreciation, giving you proper guidance to individually tailored motivation. It works like a key to a magic lock.

The Languages of Appreciation

1. Words of Affirmation

Affirmation of Performance

Affirmation of Character

Focusing on Personality

2. Quality Time

Quality Conversation

Shared Experiences

Small Group Dialogue

Working in close physical proximity to co-workers in accomplishing a project

3. Acts of Service
4. Tangible Gifts
5. Appropriate Physical Touch

The authors state that each individual has a preferred form of affirmation which they are receptive to, which they appreciate and which they will be thankful to receive. Our program will help you identify these forms of affirmation, help you learn how to use them well, and how to recognise which form to use with whom.

Our program will also provide participants with an inventory of work place incentives, based on our three decades of experience in executive development.

Our two-day training will give you an insight into just how much energy there is in affirmation, and will provide you with an excellent inventory of motivational tools for the work place. You will recognise just how much you can do to create an inspiring work place atmosphere, to achieve prime rate performance, to enhance the self-esteem of your fellow workers, and to create a psychologically more healthy environment.

*The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People, by Gary Chapman and Paul White

A guide to effective and tailored motivation

Northfield Publishing, 2011

Hungarian translation: Harmat Kiadói Alapítvány, 2013


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"In August 2013 it was officially announced that as of September I would be taking a new assignment in Germany. Looking back at the past six and a half years we have achieved some extraordinary results in the Budapest factory. I am especially proud of the Himalaya project. Supported by Concordia, we have created a new corporate culture and executive training program in order to ensure our further development and to learn how to successfully cooperate within teams, and also with different manufacturing units and central areas. There has been significant progress since the 2011 start of this project, and the results are clearly visible in our everyday work."

Luc Quisthoudt

Factory Director

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