Team Building and Outdoor Programs

Having the right team to work in makes all the difference in the world. It is important for leaders because a good team can tackle any sort of work-related difficulties. And it is equally important for co-workers because they know they will feel better at the end of the day.

Defining shared goals, or just a night out?

Every team comprises various personalities with differing levels of experience, expectations and skills (read more about this in the description of our Thomas DiSC product*.) Good teams don’t usually happen spontaneously; more often than not you need to make conscious efforts and contributions to bring them about.

A group of people can be called a team if they correspond to three criteria:

  • They have shared goals
  • They have interrelated activities serving to achieve those shared goals
  • There is communication among them


Team building programs are considered effective if they can achieve progress in at least one of these three criteria.

Methods can be highly varied, from sharing a beer through outdoor programs to actually sitting down and going over all the issues that define the existence and functioning of the team. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

The question is, when to work on which field, and which method to choose.

This is a matter where significant professional assistance is needed; it pays to ask an expert to help find the answers. This is where Concordia, with over thirty years of experience, can be of assistance to you.


Outdoor programs – Training in the nature


The expression ‘Outdoor program’ has become a collective term covering a plethora of various program types.

We consider it as a method, which has a lot of advantages:

  • Participants spend their time doing physical activities in an open air setting
  • It provides exciting, thrilling experience
  • When placed in natural settings, people are more willing to get involved in tasks
  • There is a spontaneous display of manifestations and group dynamics
  • When processing impressions we can start with fresh ones we have experienced here and now
  • Metaphores taken from nature can be readily applied to everyday events (e.g climbing a rock – achieving something extraordinary; finding your way using your map – making decisions; preparing for solving a challenge – preparing a business plan, and so forth)


Concordia strives to provide varied programs for its clients, but at the same time emphasizes that our programs are broken down into three basic categories.

  1. Our outdoor trainings, similar to traditional ones but placed in a natural setting, are not only about outdoor experience. They are also about processing these experiences, about drawing the conclusions relevant to the organization, and applying them in real life scenarios.
  2. Team adventure programs encompass events which primarily focus on gaining pleasant experience, on having a great time together. These include competitive games, tours in the mountains or along waters, either on foot or on four wheels – anything thatprovides the group with an exciting mutual experience.
  3. The “adrenalin” programs, where the extreme experience is in focus. These situations have a strong team building effect, and can increase the self-recognition as well.

What should it be used for?

People tend to think the outdoor method is primarily used in team building scenarios. We often include outdoor tasks in other programs (such as executive development, skills development*, cooperation development*). One reason is it makes the program more varied; also, we always design programs that carry a message that can be linked to certain topics. If you can link the primary goal of the program to an experience coming from an outdoor excercise it really helps to identify, interpret and elaborate the given topic.

This effect can be beneficial in achieving your aims if you select your task well and you can have participants gather all the input and takeaways from carrying out the task.


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Budapesti Erőmű Zrt.

"We commissioned Concordia to develop a program that would, instead of developing general leadership skills, refresh the existing leadership skills set of our team of leaders with decades of experience, and thereby endow them with a healthier leadership approach and skills that are also well suited for managing current leadership challenges. The 18-month program was made all the more exciting by the fact that the company was transferred to new ownership before the program was completed. Building on their existing leadership experience Concordia managed to fully involve our managers in the program, and to reform the corporate leadership credo by focusing on questions and issued already brought to the surface by the changing environment. The program left ample space for the topics and situations suggested by the participants, and Concordia managed to maintain all frameworks and close off individual sections as required by the overall objective, regardless of the degree of emotional involvement.

All in all it was a well thought out, comprehensive program. We would especially like to thank Mr. Tamás Szilágyi who, by virtue of his calmness and coaching techniques, sometimes provided support for the organisers, too."

Attila Néda

Head of Human Services




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