Strategies in Conflict Management

Strategies in Conflict Management 14 July, 2014 Conflicts are good. This statement has by now become a commonplace – and luckily so. Someone taking a negative attitude towards an issue that matters to me: that’s the simple definition of a conflict and you would be right to ask what exactly is good about this. But […]


Change and Management

 Tamás Benedek Szilágyi Üzlet & Pszichológia (December-January 2013/14; Issue 6, Volume 2)   Time changes everything. Actions do more: they allow you to choose the direction of change. We have all wanted to change our lives at one point or another. To get more exercise, to go to the theatre, to meet old friends, […]


A knot on your handkerchief

01 September, 2013 Sándor Pataki Üzlet & Pszichológia (August-September 2013; Issue 4, Volume 2)   When I was a young clinical psychologist my colleagues often told me how they recommended their patients to shift to a stress free life style. I often thought about what I would need to change to make my life free […]


Lean linen, or how to make the Little Mole a pair of dungarees the lean way. Turn your kindergartens

22 May, 2013 István Dorka HR Portál   A practical guide to the lean approach and to a swift and rather thorough understanding of lean concepts. Here’s the pith of lean (née: Toyota Production System) as explained by Taiichi Ohno, the grandfather of the entire system: “All we do is review the period of […]


Painting the fence and cleaning the river: new trends in team building

16 April, 2013   Building a playground, painting a fence, cleaning a river bed: this year’s new team building trends are all about contributing to the community. As Spring draws closer companies are planning their team building projects and again there will be several trends concurring in the market.

Balázs Kosztra


Why children fail to learn how to tie their shoe laces

28 March, 2013   Elek Könnyü Üzlet & Pszichológia (April 2013; Issue 2, Volume 2)   There are only 24 hours in a day and it’s hardly enough to attend to all tasks – tasks that managers believe they need to personally attend to, because they think no other person has the reliability, expertise […]


Healthy work place and ways to cure organisational diseases

12 February, 2013   Recently there has been a lot of talk about the relationship between joy and work. Unfortunately many people consider these two concepts mutually exclusive, although you need to have both together in order to ensure a full and healthy life. This is necessary on a personal level, but corporations should also […]


Lean culture change and raising kids

16 November, 2012   “The three main reasons why lean implementation may fail are management, management and management.” (James Womack) In order to reduce our own fears as managers and to enable ourselves to see that we are not alone, that there are others fighting the same concerns, I have asked István to make a […]


Event-type training are often self important

31 May, 2012   Team building trainings are only defined, not regulated, within the trade. Imre Lővey, COO of Concordia Organisational Development Inc. gave a befitting description of the situation saying there is utter chaos in this field. The multitude of corporate and retail trainings seems to verify his views. But what is it that […]


Change – sustainable development

20 April, 2012   We live in the age of a global crisis, and that yields a management crisis. Apparently most managers are not up to facing the scope and speed of challenges. Within the framework of a Cambridge research project Dr. Visser examined this issue from the viewpoint of several managers, maintaining his focus […]

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"Considering the situation I am in now, I could not have picked a more useful training. What I really liked about it was the great balance between theory and practice, which meant I learnt about a good deal of specific things that I had not paid attention to, at least not consciously. I am definitely going to change that. I warmly recommend this training to everyone.

It was a well-constructed training with solid proportions giving ample emphasis to both a theoretical basis and practical applications. I think it would be useful for those about to embark on leadership tasks, as well as for practising leaders. The three days we spent together were also beneficial for team cohesion.

I have recently participated in Leadership Training 2 which was hugely helpful in developing my leadership thinking, and gave me ideas about how important it was to organise coaching meetings aimed at developing my colleagues, as well as about how to construct these meetings. My primary takeaway from the training was processing the opinion my subordinates formulated about my managerial efforts, as well as the coaching talk situational game, the learnings from which I can incorporate into actual trainings I conduct for my colleagues. I had a great time at the training, not the least because we had a highly competent and professional trainer (Mr. Tamás Szilágyi) who made sure everyone was actively participating all the time.

I learnt several techniques at Concordia’s training. The program has allowed me to be more assertive and more open when speaking to an audience. Me and my colleagues have gotten much closer together during the group activities, often our presence alone could help the others complete the tasks. The training has sown new seeds in me, awakened new thoughts and put me into a different perspective. All in all, the training provided by Tamás worked perfectly both as team building and as a personality building program. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone because you need to leave your comfort zone to allow for your personal development.

Feedback from Participants

As an HR specialist and supporter of participants in various career and talent management programs, over the last few years I have had the privilege of participating in several management trainings provided by Concordia, mostly facilitated by Tamás Szilágyi. It has been a highly positive experience going through the training with various groups, because while the topics were similar, the discussion of an abundance of real life situations and the sharing of personal experiences made these programs highly varied. At the beginning of our cooperation we developed the topics and structure of the trainings together with Tamás, and as feedback were received we kept fine tuning the content and the structure over the years. The flexibility and professionalism of Tamás made working together easy; he was very receptive to reactions from participants during the trainings. It is good to see how much of the learnings and lessons former participants have incorporated in their daily operations."

Mirjam Géczi

Senior HR Consultant

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