Healthy work place and ways to cure organisational diseases

12 February, 2013   Recently there has been a lot of talk about the relationship between joy and work. Unfortunately many people consider these two concepts mutually exclusive, although you need to have both together in order to ensure a full and healthy life. This is necessary on a personal level, but corporations should also […]

make an effort to enable joyful working because it will have a (long term) effect on their productivity.


Balázs Kosztra


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"A long-term relationship is based on mutual understanding, continuous attention to the other, and unceasing renewal. This is the kind of relationship that Budapest Bank and Concordia have been enjoying since 1997. We jointly developed leadership skills development programs held by Concordia’s trainers. We adapted foreign trainings, aligned to the needs of our parent company General Electric. Concordia members acted as consultants in our organization development programs and thereby gained a first hand knowledge of our organizational challenges as well as our colleagues ‘in the line of fire’. We could count on them, they can count on us."

János Vecsenyi

Training and Development Manager

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