Healthy work place and ways to cure organisational diseases

12 February, 2013   Recently there has been a lot of talk about the relationship between joy and work. Unfortunately many people consider these two concepts mutually exclusive, although you need to have both together in order to ensure a full and healthy life. This is necessary on a personal level, but corporations should also […]

make an effort to enable joyful working because it will have a (long term) effect on their productivity.


Balázs Kosztra


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"As a pharmaceutical company, health is our main focus and concern every minute of the day. With that in mind, we also wanted to do something for the health of our company. It was through a corporate health check that we were acquainted with Concordia. The best way to improve your own health is to know your organisation, and Concordia has proven to be an indispensable help in learning about ourselves and in discovering the areas where intervention was necessary to maintain or restore health. Such a process could never be completed without proper skills and an innate sense of empathy. Concordia has both. Egis is now a healthy company, thanks to you!"

Dr. Katalin Szemerédi

Director of Human Resources

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