A knot on your handkerchief

01 September, 2013 Sándor Pataki Üzlet & Pszichológia (August-September 2013; Issue 4, Volume 2)   When I was a young clinical psychologist my colleagues often told me how they recommended their patients to shift to a stress free life style. I often thought about what I would need to change to make my life free […]

of stress. I realised I would have to quit my job, and reduce my relationship with my family and friends to a bare minimum, these being the primary source of stress.


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"While expanding abroad, Béres Gyógyszergyár (Béres Pharmaceuticals) had to discover that cooperating with foreign cultures and management styles can bring up a vast array of unforeseen difficulties which can significantly hinder operation and management, but also the bilateral transfer of knowledge. We have learnt valuable lesson from Concordia’s corporate diagnosis. It unearthed problems which made it clear on both sides just where we needed to change, so that our common efforts yield positive results instead of tensions."

Mr. Ferenc Major


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